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About Fecula Biotech
Our primary mission is to implement evidence-based approach in developing microbiome-based dietary supplements with a secondary mission to facilitate new discoveries on microbiome-related adjuvant therapy for cancer patients during their cancer treatments.

Fecula Biotech Corporation (FBC) was founded in February of 2019 by four co-founders specializing in various fields of business development, research and development (R&D), and sales expertise in biotechnology. The combination of enthusiasm, innovation and creativity will catalyze FBC to generate a win-win business model from "R&D" to "Revenue" in the biotechnology industry.

" To emphasize on scientific evidence-based supplement development " and " To facilitate new discoveries on microbiome-related adjuvant therapy for cancer patients " are FBC two spectrums of business model. The gut microbiome has received increased attention over the last decade as a critical factor affecting human health and diseases. To seek more effecti
Miles ChenCEO
  Miles is Chief Executive Officer of Fecula Biotech Corporation (FBC). In this role, he is responsible for creating, planning, implementing, and integrating the strategic direction of FBC, with the goal of increasing shareholder value.
  Previously, Miles was a CEO of Golden Biotechnology Corporation, a listed company in Taiwan. Before that, he was Head of the R&D department at Golden Biotechnology and a research fellow at Academia Sinica in Taiwan. Miles has more than 13 years of drug discovery research experience, which includes preclinical and clinical development of drug candidates. Currently, besides the CEO, Miles also advises on the development of microbiome-related therapeutic drug and functional food at FBC.
  Miles graduated with a PhD in Biotechnology from the National Chung Hsing University, and completed his postdoctoral research at Biodiversity Research Center, Genomic Research Center and the Institute of Biological Chemistry in Academia Sinica, Taiwan.
Steven HuangCTO
  Dr. Huang joined Fecula Biotech Corporation after working at Taiwan Banana Research Institute (TBRI). During his work at TBRI, He had accomplished quite a few important achievements, including obtained the plant variety right of ‘Tai-Chiao No.8’, completed the first international sale of banana plantlets, coordinated and executed several agricultural science and technology programs. He is an outstanding researcher.
  Dr. Huang is not only equipped with professional knowledge and experience in agriculture-related fields, but he is also proficient in utilizing agricultural resources efficiently. These experiences will contribute greatly in developing functional products and integrating markets for Fecula Corp.
Jason ChangCMO
  Mr. Chang Joins Fecula team with his outstanding commercial operations. As nearly ten years Sales Vice President of Golden Biotech Corp (GBC)., he built GBC’s Taiwan sales training system and organization managemental system to apply to GBC enterprise Development. Furthermore, we are looking forward to his distinguished medical background expertise and entrepreneurship combined with his solid business connection will reach Fecula’s sustainable development in paratheatrical industry.
Charles ChungSenior Business Manager
  Mr. Chung was responsible for International Sales Manager at Golden Biotech Corp (GBC) before his join Fecula Biotech Corporation. He consolidated Antrodia Camphorata (AC) Supplement and raw material strategy alliance in China and Taiwan, and further expanded business development in Russia, Australia, and South America. In addition, he helped execute Pharmaceutical partnership through the participation of international Bio convention and conferences. In management scope, he took responsibility in GBC’s US, Korea branch operations and assisted oversee local product registration and clinical trials process.
  With the Multiple expertise such as Project Management Professional (PMP) and TRIZ Methodology, he will keep applying and accumulating those experiences into Fecula’s goal-oriented strategy in future Pharmaceutical marketplace.
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Fecula team will meet you on TV Interview! (10/31) Saturday morning from 11:00 to 12:00, channel MUCH 38, "Made in Taiwan", see you on TV, stay tuned!!
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