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About Fecula Biotech

    Our primary mission is to implement evidence-based approach in developing microbiome-based dietary supplements with a secondary mission to facilitate new discoveries on microbiome-related adjuvant therapy for cancer patients during their cancer treatments.

   Fecula Biotech Corporation (FBC) was founded in February of 2019 by four co-founders specializing in various fields of business development,research and development (R&D), and sales expertise in biotechnology. The combination of enthusiasm,innovation and creativity will catalyze FBC to generate a win-win business model from "R&D" to "Revenue" in the biotechnology industry.

   " To emphasize on scientific evidence-based supplement development " and " To facilitate new discoveries on microbiome-related adjuvant therapy for cancer patients " are FBC two spectrums of business model.The gut microbiome has received increased attention over the last decade as a critical factor affecting human health and diseases.
           To seek more effective clinical treatment and less side effects for the gastrointestinal cancer, FBC utilize its self-built technology platform to screen key gut microbiota and identify its metabolites to further match each treatment schemes for chemotherapy or immunotherapy.  

   FBC works on combining Taiwan's advantageous agricultural and fishery industries to develop own-brandsupplement and simultaneously expand supplement raw materials, customize OEM and finished products to potential business partners in domestic and international market in supplements business scope.

   In the future, FBC will build its business value by collaboration with global partner to co-develop,out-license and market our microbiome-related projects.


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